Medinah PATROL

About Us

The Patrol was organized as a unit of Medinah Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., in 1886 as an aid to, and at the directions of the Potentate as a precision marching and drilling team, for the purpose of adding to the Pageantry connected with Shrine Ceremonials, Imperial Council Sessions, Parades and other functions as assigned. It has continued in operation without interruption since its inception, and as now constituted is organized along the pattern of a quasi-military battalion with one parade company and related units, all under the leadership of a Major appointed by the Potentate.

Recently, the Patrol has adopted a 6 man Segway team that performs the same marching maneuvers but on Segways.

Watch our routine from the 2016 Naperville St. Patrick's Day Parade.